Nyko Unveils PS Vita Accessory Lineup At CES

Accessory giant Nyko unveiled its offerings for PlayStation Vita launch day at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas.

Nyko’s Vita accessories range from the inexpensive, a plastic case designed to hold game cartridges, to a set of $30 speakers. Here is just a small sampling of what Nyko has to offer:

Power Grip

The power grip might not be the most atheistically pleasing accessory ever designed. This rechargeable battery pack clips to the bottom of the PS Vita extending outwards with two extended handles; it almost makes the Vita look like some kind of knock off. If this thing is so hideous why is it worth your attention? Nyko claims that it can nearly triple the battery life of Sony’s latest handheld. If true, that makes the Power Grip not such a bad buy at $24.99.

Power Adaptor Kit for PlayStation Vita

For $29.99 the power adaptor kit offers new PS Vita owners five different accessories. There’s a hard plastic case to protect your brand new handheld from drops/scrapes and scuffs, a USB charging cable for file transfer and charging, a USB to AC adaptor that can be used to provide a quick charge, a USB to car charger accessory that works with your car’s dashboard lighter and a cleaning cloth to keep everything in tiptop shape.

Power Stand For PlayStation Vita

The power stand pulls double duty as both an external speaker designed for movies & musics and also works as a charging cradle. The PS Vita sits atop of the sleek chrome inspired design, making the whole thing look like it came from the future. If your PS Vita experience is missing a little extra volume the power stand will retail for $29.99.

Other accessories and combo packs were shown, but the above are the real standouts.

Are you planning to pick up any accessories with your PlayStation Vita when the console launches next month?