Super Stardust Delta Trailer is The Bomb

A new trailer has been released of Super Stardust Delta highlighting how the game takes advantage of the PlayStation Vita’s unique, touch-enabled feature set.

The trailer was released in anticipation of the game’s release on January 19th in Japan (called StarStrike Delta there), and shows how the game utilizes the Vita’s OLED touch screen and rear touch panel.

We experienced Super Stardust Delta hands-on at E3 and got a brief taste of the game’s “Crush” mode where you use your index finger on the front screen and your thumb on the rear to make a pinching action to “crush” incoming asteroids.

The game releases next week on the PlayStation Store in Japan for ¥1000, which is roughly $13 USD. Taking the exchange rate  and weak dollar/strong yen into account, Super Stardust Delta launches alongside the PlayStation Vita this February.