EA Transfers Battlefield 3 Gameplay Designer to Unknown Project

As with any online game, Battlefield 3 has been constantly updated after release to bring bug-fixes, balance, and new content to the game. Among those in charge of what makes its way to each update was Alan Kertz, Gameplay Designer at DICE. However, his time with Battlefield 3 has come to a close.

Alan Kertz is leaving DICE’s Battlefield 3 team to work on a new project which is presently unknown. His goodbye Tweet states:

Moving on from BF3, leaving the gameplay in the very capable hands of @gustavhalling and @stormonster.

Kertz has had a major influence on Battlefield 3‘s focus and mechanics including post-launch patch content. Gustav Halling and Tim Kjell will now be making the decisions, and without Kertz’s involvement we might be seeing some changes in the direction of upcoming patches.

Furthermore, it’s clear that Kertz is now involved in a different project, which raises questions as to what that might be. Is it another Battlefield? There’s even a rumored Mirror’s Edge 2 which could be a possibility. Whatever it is, we probably won’t know for certain until E3 at the very earliest, which won’t be until June.