New Army Corps of Hell Trailer Has The King of Hell In Michigan?

January 20, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

In a new live action trailer for Square Enix and Entersphere’s Army Corps of Hell for PlayStation Vita, the King of Hell has embarked on a journey to reclaim his throne. However, it seems that the King may be a little lost, because he’s found himself looking for Hell, Michigan.

The King gets off a bus, looking to reclaim his throne, thinking he’s in Hell. However, he quickly realizes that he isn’t and that it’s very cold in Michigan. He asks a number of people on the street in a very rude, abrasive way how to get to Hell and none of them seem to be able to tell him. He quickly grows frustrated and someone cuts in front of him at the very end of the trailer, ending the first video in the live action trailer series.

To view the “The King of Hell Goes To Hell, MICHIGAN” trailer, click on the video below:

Army Corps of Hell will be released for PlayStation Vita at launch.