Tales = Sales for Vita; Armored Core V Blasts to Top of JP Charts

Media Create’s sales figures are in, and they show that Japan has gobbled up Armored Core V. The PS3 version of From Software’s robot action game took the top spot on software charts, and its other version brought about a rare Xbox 360 game sighting at number six.

The PlayStation Vita sold about 18,000 units last week, which is both bad and good. Obviously it’s not a whole lot, especially for a new system, but it is a 20% improvement over the week before. A big contributor to its success, no doubt, was the release of highly anticipated RPG Tales of Innocence-R. The game marks an important milestone for Vita as it takes the highest chart placement of any PSV to date. Hot Shots Golf sold more units in its debut (61,000 to ToI-R‘s 54,000), but when it did, it was in the seventh place position on the charts; Tales of Innocence-R‘s performance lands it in third place. The top 15 best-selling games were thus:

1. (PS3) Armored Core V

2. (3DS) Resident Evil: Revelations

3. (PSV) Tales of Innocence R

4. (3DS) Mario Kart 7

5. (3DS) Monster Hunter 3G

6. (360) Armored Core V

7. (3DS) Super Mario 3D Land

8. (PS3) The Idolmaster: Gravure For You! Vol. 4

9. (3DS) Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure

10. (3DS) Inazuma Eleven Go: Shine / Dark

11. (PSP) Mobile Suit Gundam: Mokuba no Kiseki

12. (WII) Just Dance Wii

13. (PS3) Warriors Orochi 3

14. (PSP) Monster Hunter Freedom 3

15. (PS3) Final Fantasy XIII-2

This is also the first time the Vita has outsold the PSP in a week, with the exception of its debut. With Ragnarok Odyssey and Gravity Rush on the horizon, things could indeed finally be looking up for the system’s standing in Japan.

3DS – 84,789

PS3 – 22,924

Vita – 18,942

PSP – 16,008

Wii – 10,396

DS – 1,918

360 – 1,235

PS2 – 713

With the success of the two Souls games and now Armored Core V‘s strong debut on two platforms, things are looking great for From Software. ACV will ship in North America on March 20th.