100k Downloads for Vita’s Ragnarok Odyssey Demo

GungHo Online Entertainment and GameArts have reason to be excited about the possibilities of their upcoming Vita action RPG Ragnarok Odyssey. GameArts proudly announced this week that the demo of its first Vita outing has gotten the attention of some 100,000 gamers. It just hit the PSN store on January 19th, but had hit the six-figure download milestone by the 30th. The game has drawn comparisons to highly successful RPG series Phantasy Star Online as well as Capcom mega-hit Monster Hunter.

Online play won’t be available right away, but will be patched in at a yet-unspecified time. It will, however, include ad-hoc play for up to four local friends right out of the box. Gamearts CEO Kazuki Morishita told 4gamer.net that this was because the dev team wanted to make sure network play on the PS Vita was of high quality before putting its game on the network, the way one might dip a toe into a swimming pool before doing a cannonball. One might wonder how the online situation will affect sales out of the gate. We won’t have to wait long to find out, though, as the game ships February 2nd in Japan. To celebrate, here are 40 screenshots.

If you liked those, check out some videos here. There are not yet any plans to bring this game stateside, though with both ad-hoc and online play, and not being an iPhone port, it should at least be a better multiplayer RPG option than Dungeon Hunter: Alliance, right?