Jak & Daxter Collection Going Digital, Same Day as Retail Version

Fans have been requesting an HD collection of Jak & Daxter for quite some time, and on February 7th, Sony is set to give them their wish. Jak & Daxter Collection will retail for $39.99 and contain the first three games in the franchise, Jak & Daxter: The Precursor LegacyJak II, and Jak 3.

Most of Sony’s HD collections eventually receive digital treatment on the PSN store, but so far the download version has always arrived on a later date. This will change starting with Jak & Daxter Collection.

On February 7, Jak & Daxter Collection will be available on PSN for the same price as the retail version. It will have all of the features from retail version such as HD graphics, trophies and 3D support. The difference is that each title will be available a la carte, which means you can buy the games separately if you want. About 12 minutes into the latest PSBlog‘s podcast, PlayStation Sr. Product Evaluator Nick Suttner announces that Jak & Daxter games will be available for $14.99 each.

This is of course not the first time games in an HD collection get split to be purchased separately, Sly Collection and recently Ico & Shadow of The Colossus had the same treatment.

Which version of the Jak & Daxter Collection will you buy?