Army Corps of Hell Ad-Hoc Multiplayer Trailer Shows Friends Conquering Hell Together

Square Enix has released a new multiplayer trailer for the PlayStation Vita launch title Army Corps of Hell.

The trailer for the game’s ad-hoc multiplayer mode shows that up to four players can play together as four Kings of Hell leading four different goblin armies. Friends are encouraged to coordinate strategies and beat tough bosses together. However, friends can also “torment” each other by sacrificing other players, stealing their goblins, and building up their goblin army first (the maximum number of goblins players can control being 100). The gameplay footage throughout the trailer shows the various Kings of Hell slaughtering enemies, stealing goblins, and more.

To view the “A Taste of Multiplayer” trailer, click on the video below:

Army Corps of Hell will be released for Vita on the system’s launch date, February 22nd.

What do you think of the new multiplayer trailer? Are you picking up Army Corps of Hell? Let us know in the comments below.