PS Vita Firmware Update v1.60 Now Live, Adds Maps and Video Recording

Alongside the latest PS3 firmware update, a new PlayStation Vita update, v1.60, has been released.

The update adds a Map app as well as video recording, and doesn’t require you to download the app separately. You can see screens of the app here.

1.60 also changes PSN accounts to SEN accounts, as well as bringing support for the Mac version of the Content Management Assistant.

Considering the Vita is out next week in the US, the handheld will have already been shipped from manufacturing plants to warehouses across the nation, so it’s unlikely the device will come with 1.60 pre-installed. You will be able to download the update on the Vita, with a PS3, or on a PC.

Of course, if you can’t wait a week, you can always enter PSLS’ PlayStation Vita giveaway.