NeverDead Expansion Pack Vol. 1 Headed to PSN on February 21st

Konami’s off-beat action game NeverDead will be getting downloadable content on February 21st. Dubbed the “NeverDead Expansion Pack Volume 1,” this add-on content will treat gamers to all sorts of extra goodies.

The DLC includes a new playable character named Nikki Summerfield, a pop-star icon who can be taken online with friends via the game’s co-op challenges. Additionally, there will be three new game challenges added, all of which are set in the game’s expanded Asylum.

The challenges include “Egg Hunt,” which tasks players with finding and returning various collectables to designated “Score Zones,” “Fragile Alliance,” which is essentially a race that requires players to pass various checkpoints, and “Onslaught,” which, as the name implies, forces you to defeat all of the enemies before progressing to the next round where you’ll do the same.

Finally, there are two new costumes that gamers will get to dress up the main character Bryce in.

Check out screenshots of the add-on content below: