Binary Domain Demo Available On PSN Today, Multiplayer Trailer Released

Sega has announced that their futuristic third-person squad shooter, Binary Domain, is getting a demo today on PlayStation Network. Sega also has released a trailer showing footage of the game’s multiplayer mode.

Sega will be releasing a demo for Binary Domain today on PSN for PS3. The demo will be released tomorrow for Xbox Live.

The trailer released says that the game’s multiplayer is focused on two opposing forces with balanced teams, The Government and The Resistance, battling from the city to the slums. The game has Free For All, Team Survival, Operation, and Invasion modes — none of which have their rules detailed in the trailer. Various footage of multiplayer gameplay action is shown throughout the video. Robots are shown in the last bit of footage, but what role they play in gameplay is unclear. The trailer closes by saying that “The Best Weapon…Is Being Human” and then shows the game’s release date.

To see the “Multiplayer” trailer, click on the video below:

Binary Domain will be released for PS3 and Xbox 360 on February 28th.

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