Assassin’s Creed III to Launch in October, “Biggest Launch in Ubisoft History”

Ubisoft is apparently so excited to release the next major installment in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, that they can’t wait until November. As such, the game will hit store shelves before of its typical November release window.

Speaking at a company Q3 earnings call, Ubisoft head Yves Guillemot shared that the game will launch on October 30th and will create the largest splash the company has ever had, claiming that the game will have “the biggest launch in Ubisoft history.”

While we don’t know a whole lot about the title, we do know that the game will feature a protagonist other than Altair or Ezio, with their plot arcs having come to an end, and will serve as the third proper chapter in the game’s main story.

Let’s just hope that this new adventure doesn’t feel rushed or half-baked, especially considering the fact that Revelations won’t have been out for a full year before the release of Assassin’s Creed III. Ubi’s got a massive team working on the project, so there’s no doubt they’re doing all they can to create the most polished and impressive experience they can by the end of October.