Radical: Next Gen to Make Open World Games Feel “More Alive”

Radical Entertainment, the developer behind Prototype 2 recently spoke about the future of open world games, pointing out what will likely be in store for gamers when the next generation of consoles comes around.

Dave Frucchia, the team’s VP of Technology told GamerZines that dev studios have only cracked the surface of what open world games can be. The ability to create a truly believable world has not yet reached its full potential, and Radical believes that the next wave of hardware will aid in bringing us one step closer.

Quite frankly I think we’re still touching the surface of what we can do with an open world.

An open world is all about an alive world, and if you think about creating something that’s vast and the memory and cycles it takes to actually do that, and then try and put things that are alive and interacting with it (on top), all games could go so much farther in creating a world that (leaves players) surprised by the things you see and the reactions that occur.

What’s interesting to us is as the next-gen platforms start to come out. The speculation of course is that they’re going to supply us with even more memory, more CPU, more everything, which allows us to put more resources into making those open worlds alive.

If you think of any open world game I would say that the worlds are cool and they look good and they’re alive, but could they be more? Absolutely.

It is important to point out that while new hardware will certainly aid in creating much more impressive open worlds, it really comes down to the skill of the developers who are tasked with dreaming up each and every intricacy that goes into making the experience feel truly organic.