Research Firm Says Vita Could Sell Up To 12.4 Million Units This Year With a Price Cut

A research firm has said that, with a price cut, the PlayStation Vita could sell as many as 12.4 million units in 2012. reports that Strategy Analytics has said with an average price of $180, Vita’s hardware sales could generate as much as 2.2 billion dollars for Sony. The Vita is only projected by the research firm to cause Sony’s handheld game revenue to increase by $800 million (compared to last year). The firm also predicts Vita to generate $2 billion in incremental revenue in hardware and software sales this year. The firm expects a price cut for Vita sometime this year.

Strategy Analytics’ Jia Wu said that the economic environment has made consumers “considerably sensitive” to prices and selling a dedicated handheld game console to consumers that’s priced over $200 “is challenging.” Wu noted that price cuts “can save a product,” citing Nintendo’s significant price cut for the 3DS. Wu said that 3G model sales will be challenging due to the $50 increase in price and additional charges for the data plan. He said that 3G will likely represent “a small portion of total Vita hardware sales.”

Wu believes that Sony can strengthen the PlayStation brand with Vita, even if the hardware doesn’t end up generating much profit. He also said that in order for Vita to be able to fight off smartphones, Sony must invent “innovative new gameplay and invest heavily in exclusive content.”

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