What To Do If You Lose or Break Your PS Vita AR Cards

Have you lost or damaged your PlayStation Vita AR cards? Or did you import and never get them? Unfortunately, they aren’t sold separately and Sony doesn’t send you any if you call them. Luckily, we have the ultimate AR Vita card replacement solution.

As the augmented reality (AR) cards are thin and essentially just bits of paper, they are really easily bent, lost or ripped in half. Even if yours hasn’t broken or been lost, we recommend you bookmark this page because over the course of the Vita’s life, chances are something bad will happen.

To make new ones, all you have to do is open this PDF right here, and print them off. Nice and simple. They are the exact same size as official AR cards if you print them on standard A4 paper and will look exactly the same. Try to use a printer with a good bit of ink as you’ll want to make the dark parts as dark as possible (if you have a rubbish printer, try putting the sheet back in and printing on top of it again). Then, simply cut them out and voila! You now have an unlimited supply of AR cards that you can use on AR games like Cliff Diving, Table Football and Fireworks!

Hope this helps your reality stay augmented no matter the state of your original AR card, and be sure to stay tuned to PSLS for more guides and how tos on all things PlayStation.