Soulcalibur V – Trophy Guide

The sixth main installment in Namco’s Soul series, Soulcalibur V was released this January – but have you platinumed the game yet? If not, read on to find out how.


Unwritten History (Platinum) Obtained all trophies

Use the guide below.

History Repeats (Bronze) Battled in SOULCALIBUR V for the first time (excluding training and VS battle)

Playing arcade story, quick battle, or online mode for the first time will unlock this.

A Soul Coalesces (Bronze) Edited a player license

Press start on the main menu and just edit any option in the license.

Adored by Heaven (Bronze) Performed 20 grapple breaks

You need to escape a grapple (throw) 20 times. You need to press the specific button when the other player grabs you. For example if he grabs you with A+G you need to press A to escape it.

Alluring Kaleidoscope (Bronze) Landed brave edge 100 times

Brave edge is a new move which uses two power blocks from one power gauge. Mixing certain moves with R2 button will do a brave edge. Refer to your character move list to find his brave edge move.

You just need to perform this 100 times.

Black Sword of Death (Bronze) KO with critical edge 30 times

Critical edge is a new power move in the game. You need one power gauge to do it, simply press down, corner, down, front twice + R2 (like doing a hadouken). You need to KO the opponent with it 30 times.

Colorful Illusion (Bronze) Creation: took a thumbnail by manually setting a decoration frame and background

In the creation menu, go to shoot picture and create a background for your character, you can pick any you want, then save and exit and the trophy should unlock.

Fancy of a Mad King (Bronze) Guard bursted 30 times

Bursting a guard means depleting it then crushing it on the final hit. By hitting the player multiple times while he is guarding, his life bar will blink yellow then red, and after the red it will break. Crush it 30 times for the trophy.

Gale Forces (Bronze) KO the opponent 25 times with an attack after a quick move

You need to KO a player 25 times by side stepping and then hitting a button. Double tap on up or down to side step then press square triangle or circle .

Footprints of Soldiers (Bronze) – Defeated 100 male characters

Just defeat 100 male characters in any mode except VS. Will come naturally as you play.

Give in to Temptation (Bronze) Defeated 100 female characters

Just defeat 100 female characters in any mode except VS. Will come naturally as you play.

Hands of the Abyss (Bronze) Won by ring out 50 times

You need to knock the player out-of-bounds. Some levels have a ring out meaning that you can push the player out and win the match.

You should get this easily while working on level 99 and the 240 quick battle trophies.

Stalwart Barbarian (Bronze) – Performed a wall hit 50 times

To perform a wall hit, the player has to be facing the wall, simply hit him while he is close to the wall or throw him. This will come naturally as you play in quickbattle.

Like a Flowing Stream (Bronze) Successfully performed a just guard 5 times

Just guard means blocking exactly when you are about to get hit and leaving the guard button exactly when you guarded. This sounds a bit hard, but I found an easy way around it.

Just press the guard button fast which is the X button while playing against an easy player. Or use an arcade stick with the turbo function on the guard button.

You will know when it has been done correctly when your player glows blue.

Lively Pub (Bronze) Changed the BGM in options

Go in the options and just change the BGM in any stage you like in stage selection.

Momentary Pleasure (Bronze) Successfully performed an impact 100 times

An impact is when you see your player glow green, to do this normally will cost you few blocks from the power gauge. Certain characters do it for free like Yoshimitsu, just press A+K at the same time your opponent tries to hit you and you should deflect his attack.

Never Ending Effort (Bronze) Landed an attack 20,000 times

Just land 20k attacks from any kind to unlock this. Will come naturally as you play.

Parrier of Swords (Bronze) Perfect won 50 times

A perfect win means winning without getting hit. You need to perfect win 50 times which can be done easily if you are playing on easy. Will come naturally while you play.

Passionate Artist (Bronze) Creation: created a character with full-on coordination (used everything except for height)

During creation, you need to edit things like equipment, body, edit name, shoot picture, weapon style, colors patterns and stickers. Edit everything on the character you are creating for the trophy to unlock. 

Purge of the Holy (Bronze) Story: cleared episode 1

SeeHome is Faraway”

Shields Come Together (Bronze) – Story: cleared episode 8

SeeHome is Faraway”

Resurrection of Order (Silver) Story: cleared episode 16

SeeHome is Faraway”

Home is Faraway (Gold) – Story: cleared final episode

Story mode is easy and simple. Story mode contains 20 episodes which has to be fought with certain characters the game picks for you. This mode should take about 2 hours to complete without any issue.

Skills for Duels (Silver) Legendary Souls: won with brave edge

Brave edge is an advanced move that uses about 2 power bars only. You need to win the last round of the battle using it.

For example, when using Yoshimitsu:

Hold down+forward then press square then triangle then R2. 

Usurped True Name (Bronze) Quick Battle: won against 10 players with titles and used the obtained title on the player license

When you win in quick battle you obtain titles. Just use the player titles you have won ten times and the trophy will unlock. To use the title, go to player license.

Pursuit of Obsession (Bronze) – Quick Battle: defeated Harada TEKKEN

Harada can be found under the Advanced tier in quick battle mode. Go to the search filter and change the country to Japan and difficulty to advanced. Once you find him, try to beat him. He isn’t that hard and personally it took me two tries only to beat him.

Path to Glory (Bronze) – Quick Battle: defeated 50 warriors

See “Sudden Temptation”

Road to the Duel (Bronze) – Quick Battle: defeated 150 warriors

See “Sudden Temptation”

Sudden Temptation (Silver) – Quick Battle: defeated all warriors

There are 240 warriors in total in the quick battle mode, ranking from E5 (easiest) to A1 (Hardest). You need to beat them all.

My advice is to start on easy, meaning that in the search filter, change the difficulty to beginner and then just win them one by one. If you are having difficulties with a few players, then you can always find a player than can loop a certain move like Xiba or Natsu for a cheap win.

Perfect Trainee (Bronze) – Arcade: cleared Asia route

While playing arcade, change the route to Asia and make sure to pick easy to make things easier for you.

War Veteran (Silver) Arcade: cleared any route with difficulty set on hard

Pick any route you like, but make sure to change the difficulty to hard.

Wind of Battle (Bronze) Reached over 87,600m in total movement distance in battle

The trophy can be done in three ways:

  1. Play normally and reach 87,000 by running/walking which will take you over 500 hours.
  2. Go into a battle that doesn’t have a ring out and just keep walking backwards for about 20+ hours.
  3. The best way is to use an arcade stick with a turbo function and then go into arcade and make sure the first battle is a battle without a ring out. Change the X button to — (nothing), push the arcade stick left/right whichever side that will make your player walk backwards and put a book behind it so it stays like that. Now, the reason they removed the button functionality for X was because you wouldn’t be ale to walk backwards and pressing X to retry is important with the turbo function. So place something heavy on the X button for it to keep retrying the battle. Best done when asleep or gone out, watching movie etc.

Fetal Soul (Bronze) – Player level reached 5

See “Soul Fulfilled”

Throbbing Soul (Bronze) – Player level reached 50

See “Soul Fulfilled”

Soul Fulfilled (Silver) – Player level reached maximum

This  Trophy can be done in two ways:

  1. The normal way.
  2. The arcade stick turbo way.

For the normal way, you can just go in to quick battle and repeat fights till you earn level 99.

For the Arcade stick way, go into arcade mode and pick Rafael. Now, before fighting, change the controller so that X does nothing and then Let X and triangle have turbo mode activated, then just place two heavy things on those two buttons. You need to get to level 99 which is about 127k points. It took me three nights to get this while I was asleep between 5-8 hours, so it can be quite a grind.


Beginning of Destiny (Bronze) Registered 3 rivals

Go to the online leaderboard, pick any three you want, view their license and then preds start to register them as rivals. You can do this with your PSN friends too.

Mask Another’s Memory (Bronze) – Arcade: cleared a ranking route with a record better than your rival

While registering a rival, make sure you register one with a lot of time in arcade ranking to make things easier for yourself. Play arcade mode while picking the ranking route and make sure you finish it faster than your rival.

Proof of a Fighter (Bronze) – Won consecutive matches on PlayStation Network

Two wins in a row will unlock this. Can be done in player matches too.

Carry Out Your Beliefs (Bronze) Won 5 times in one style on PlayStation Network

See “Conqueror of the Arena”

Courageous Warrior (Silver) – Won 20 times on PlayStation Network

See “Conqueror of the Arena”

Conqueror of the Arena (Gold) Won 50 times on PlayStation Network

For this trophy you have to win 50 times online. The good news is you can create a room with a friend and swap wins 50 times, but you should be getting this easily while working towards D1 anyway.

Mercenary of War (Bronze) Fought 30 times on PlayStation Network

See “Hero Carved in History”

Strategist of War (Silver) – Fought 75 times on PlayStation Network

See “Hero Carved in History”

Hero Carved in History (Silver) – Fought 100 times on PlayStation Network

Just fight 100 times ranked or player, it doesn’t matter as long as you finish the fight.

No-hitter (Silver) Ranked Match: won 10 times with Ezio

In a ranked match pick Ezio and win 10 times with him. This might be hard for some because he’s a new player, so my advice would be to train with Ezio a bit before using him online.

Notes on Rivals (Bronze) Play backed another player’s replay

You can either do this with a saved rival license or go to the leaderboard and click on any person that has a replay saved and play it.

Sings Own Praise – Uploaded a replay of your win

This has to be done through the PlayStation Network menu in the game. Select replay and the battle log has to show your last matches played, pick the battle you have won and press square to upload it.

– Reached E4 rank in ranked match

See ” First Step of a Legend”

Reason to Fight For (Bronze) Reached E1 rank in ranked match

See ” First Step of a Legend”

First Step of a Legend

This has to be done online. You start of with rank E5, and every win gets you about 80-120 or 150-200 depending on the opponents’ level. A loss will sometimes get you -10 or -20 so no big loss there.

For getting rank E4 you would need 600 points, for E1 you would need 2400 points, and for D1 7400 points. This should need about 5 hours to get as an average player.

Synchronize DNA (Bronze) Used Ezio in a player match

In the online mode, pick player match (not ranked) and then pick Ezio as your player. Win or lose, it doesn’t matter – just finish the match.