Relax, “Chrono Bind” is Not Chrono Trigger 3 or Chrono Break

The internet is abuzz with rumors and speculation about Square Enix’s newest domain registrations, and People online have this way of thinking every single action Square Enix takes is leading towards a new Chrono game and so far, they have a 0% accuracy rating. The go-to assumption with this website registration will not be changing that.

Much more likely, Square is simply locking up a site that will be used for its Final Fantasy XIII-2 downloadable card game called “Chrono Bind,” which is on display here. See the one with the card game? Yeah, it’s called “Chrono Bind.” The update hits the PSN Store on the 28th, with more rules and details to be announced soon.

With time travel playing a big role in Final Fantasy XIII-2, it’s not necessarily out of place for the card game to have such a name, though perhaps someone behind a desk is playing mind games with you. Whether a real Chrono sequel will actually ever happen, well, only…time will tell.