New Unit 13 Walkthrough Video Shows The Basics Of Scoring Points, Unlocks, & More

Zipper Interactive has released a video showing some of the basics of Unit 13, including scoring, attacks, and more.

The walkthrough video released on the PS Blog is narrated by Senior Designer at Zipper Interactive, Christian Sadak. The game has six different characters to choose from, so players can find the right combination of weapons and skills to fit their play style best — both mission-by-mission and in the game as a whole. Next, some of the game’s operatives are shown: Python (a Gunner), Ringo (an Infiltrator), Alabama (a Marksman), and Zeus (Pointman). Each of the game’s operatives have different skills and weapons that lend themselves to different styles of gameplay. For example, Ringo is ideal for stealth missions because of his access to a suppressor and stealth skill scoring bonuses. Zeus, though, is offense-heavy, with a shotgun and tough exterior for both dealing and taking damage.

Each operative in Unit 13 has their own specialty. Chuckles is a Technician, which means that he can spot electronic threats like cameras and laser tripwires. Python carries machine guns and does heavy damage to anything in sight. He can also detect explosive threats like enemy mines and C4. Alabama, as a Marksman, is great for long-range combat and sniping enemies from a distance. The video next talks about unlocking weapons and gear. Unlocking weapons or gear as any operative unlocks those items for that operative and the whole group as well. For example, Animal (a Commando) starts off with a Flashbang, but can unlock it for the rest of the group when he reaches Level 7. Characters will also unlock their exclusive weapons and attachments as they level up.

What separates Unit 13 apart from other shooters is the game’s emphasis on scoring. For every major action performed in the game (such as completing major objectives, killing terrorists, and rescuing hostages), players earn points. How well players perform these actions as well as the special bonuses associated with the player’s character also influence a player’s score. Mixing up attack choices, such as using stealth or melee, or getting headshots will give the player plenty of extra points that they wouldn’t otherwise receive. Enemy awareness of the player plays a role in scoring as well: if the enemy is aware of the player and the enemy is killed, the player earns fewer points than if the enemy had been killed without being aware of the player’s presence. Performing a certain number of types in a short period of time such as stealth kills or melee kills will begin a streak. Red meters in the upper right of the screen lets players know when they’re on a streak and how long they have to continue it. The longer a streak is kept going, the more points that players will earn. Once the streak is finished, points are added to the player’s score.

The game also has a multiplier system. Multipliers modify a player’s score for any points earned in combat. As players earn more points, they’ll increase their multiplier. Players need to be careful, though: if no new scores are earned, multipliers will decrease over time. Taking damage from weapons or falling will also decrease a multiplier score. Each character in the game has their own scoring strengths. Ringo gets bonus points for each takedown performed at close range and is better at keeping melee and stealth kill streaks going. Python earns scoring bonuses for killing enemies with specific numbers of bullets. Players should try to experiment with each operative to see who best fits their play style.

When players finish a mission, they’re taken to a mission summary screen, where they’ll see total points, experience gained, performance rating on a scale of one to five stars, and the player’s leaderboard position. Players should try to earn as many stars as they can, because if they earn enough, they’ll earn the right to hunt down the terrorist leadership in Unit 13 in High Value Target missions. HVT missions allow players to fight boss-type enemies, but will be focused on at a later time. The video closes by showing the Unit 13 logo.

To view the “Briefing 1 – How To Play” walkthrough video, click on the video below:

Unit 13 releases exclusively for PlayStation Vita on March 6th.

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