Capcom Releases New Screens and Artwork for DmC

The upcoming Devil May Cry reboot from developer Ninja Theory may end up upsetting a lot of series fans, but at least it will look good. Capcom has just released a handful of fresh images showing off the title’s brutal, fast-paced gameplay.

Judging by these screens, it looks like the game’s overall gritty and artistic style remain intact even though Dante’s character model skews a bit younger.

Check out the screenshots and artwork below:

Capcom has yet to pin down an official release date for the game, though DmC is expected to release sometime later this year. With Ninja Theory – the team behind stellar titles like Enslaved and Heavenly Sword – working on the game, it marks the first time a Western developer has worked on a game in the series.

Stay tuned to PlayStation Lifestyle for future information on the upcoming demon-slaying action title.