New Sleeping Dogs Story Trailer & Box Art Released

Square Enix has released a new trailer for upcoming open-world title Sleeping Dogs, in addition to box art for the game.

The trailer is comprised of in-game footage and cutscenes and tells the story of Detective Wei Shen, who has gone undercover to take down the Sun Oh Yee Triad. A man tells Shen that the evidence against him has failed to appear, which means he must be a dangerous man, and says:  “That’s exactly what we want people to think.” Shen is seen talking to a man who believes the US has deported him, to which Shen tells him that “it was mutual” and it was time for him to come home, anyway. Shen is told by a man that someone in the Triads named Winston is looking for muscle and that Shen needs to find a way to get Winston to trust him. Winston is shown asking Shen if he’s fearless or just crazy, to which Shen responds, “Try capable.” Shen is then shown taking somebody out. Shen is then told that in order to take down the Sun Oh Yee, Shen needs to take down their supporters, including the Red Poles, the lieutenants, and the “dragon head.” Shen is then shown attacking several people.

Shen is told that a civil war is brewing from within Sun Oh Yee and that it used to be a brotherhood with a code. Shen is then asked by Winston if he knows what happens to rats, as since he’s shown up, people have begun getting arrested. The dragon head then tells someone that loyalty and discretion are the attitudes that made Sun Oh Yee strong — and that it used to be more common. The trailer then shows gameplay footage before showing the Sleeping Dogs logo and a scene between Shen and a cop. The cop says that they’re cops, that there are rules. Shen says that the cop is a cop, but he’s an undercover cop, and the rules are different. The trailer closes with the game’s box art, a message that the game is coming in 2012, and to pre-order now.

To view the “Story” trailer, click on the video below:

To see the box art for the game’s PS3 version, see below:

Sleeping Dogs will release sometime in the second half of 2012 for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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