Rumor: GTA: Vice City Nights, FF Type-0 HD and Tales of Innocence R for Vita Spotted on [Update: Or Not]

Update: Sadly, the image Eurogamer received now seems to be a fake, meaning that Monster Hunter is the only real listing.

Original story:

Rockstar has yet to make any official announcements regarding what they’re working on for the PS Vita (although we do know they are working on something), but a rumored recent listing on website Play leads us to believe that the developer is bringing GTA to Sony’s handheld, with a game titled Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights.

Yesterday, we spotted Monster Hunter Portable 3 on the website, but now listings for GTA, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Tales of Innocence R have allegedly sprung up according to Eurogamer who received a reader tip – although only Monster Hunter remains on the store. Final Fantasy Type-0 launched last year in Japan as a PSP title, and gamers outside of that region still don’t know whether or not a localized one will be hitting their territory. Considering how hard Sony is now pushing the Vita, it would make perfect sense to have Square polish up the title and sell it as a Vita game in North America and Europe instead.

Considering Play (if the rumor is true) have given the GTA Vita game its own subtitle, Vice City Nights, that does seem to suggest an added level of truth to the existence of the game, but still treat the listing as a rumor.

Sony Japan is set to announce new Vita games this Friday, so we may see MH, Tales and FF, but a GTA reveal at a Japanese event does seem unlikely.