PlayStation Suite Shown On Vita, To Support Non-Game Apps

Announced alongside the Vita over a year ago, Sony has been pretty quiet about the PS Suite – until now.

At GDC 2012, Sony has revealed a bunch of new details about the PS Suite. The big news from the ongoing Suite was a demonstration of Suite games on Vita, as well as that it will be “Cross platform and cross device compatible” with PS Certified and Vita systems to avoid fragmentation. Sony answered a developer’s question over whether they’ll need to buy an expensive Vita dev kit, saying that developers can test the games running on these devices including the Vita, even without the device. Emulators are built into the SDK and devs can compile one executable file, and it will run all ALL PS Suite compatible devices. Sony continued:

Yes, the consumer Vita will run these games, you don’t even need a debug Vita to test them.

Other news from the conference includes a revelation that the PlayStation Suite will support non-game applications and will use the PSN id system and wallet.

Developers will be able to set the price of their software, and the review and approval process will much faster than PSN – as well as being a single global submission process. Dev SDKs will cost $99 later this year, but the program will be in open beta next month.

Sony said to not expect Uncharted level games using the PS Suite, and that if developers want to make games like that they should become a full licensed dev.