The War Against The Reapers Begins In New Mass Effect 3 Trailer

EA and BioWare have released another trailer for sci-fi smash RPG hit Mass Effect 3.

Warning: The below trailer contains spoilers and scenes of squadmates from previous titles. The description of the trailer has been kept general and light on specific details to avoid spoilers being inadvertently read.

The trailer contains both cutscenes and in-game scenes from various points in the game. Commander Shepard is heard talking about the importance of the Reaper war, how there’s no room for mistakes, and how the war is going to end “today.” The trailer continues to show various scenes, while displaying some of the game’s critical acclaim and scores, and claiming that ME3 has been awarded over 30 perfect scores. It closes with the Mass Effect 3 logo and a message saying that the game is available now.

To view the “The War Begins” trailer, click on the video below:

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