New Ghost Recon Future Soldier Trailer Emphasizes Teamwork & UAV Use

Ubisoft has released a new trailer for Ghost Recon Future Soldier that focuses on teamwork and the UAV.

The trailer is again narrated by former Navy SEAL sniper/scout Richard “Mack” Machowicz, who explains how a similar mission to a prisoner extraction during the 1989 American invasion of Panama will be seen in the game. The prisoner was taken and held in a prison with a guard watching him, who had orders to kill the prisoner if he saw any rescue attempts. An elite Spec Ops team was dropped on the prison area. One member of the team rappelled down outside of the prisoner’s cell and waited for the guard to leave. The rest of the team acted on the team member’s intel, found the guard in the prison, and took him out before he could return. The prisoner was successfully extracted, with the enemy unaware of what exactly had happened.

In GRFS, the Ghosts will also be tasked with liberating a prisoner. While they gather intel at the location, they don’t want to be seen, so they deploy a UAV. The UAV is used to get a sense of the layout of the location and identify threats so that the operators can communicate the information with the rest of the team. The team chooses to avoid a group of armed men so that they can succeed in their mission. The UAV can’t find the prisoner’s guard, so they non-lethally subdue an enemy who they discover had information about everyone inside the building. They extract the intel via data hacking. The UAV’s armed model is then deployed. The UAV operator finds the guard and uses the armed UAV to take him out. The prisoner is extracted safely. Mack then says that intel and teamwork can be used to players’ advantage in the GRFS multiplayer experience. The trailer closes with the GRFS logo, the game’s box art, and a message to pre-order now.

To view the “Believe In Ghosts – Episode 3: Team or Die” trailer, click on the video below:

Ghost Recon Future Soldier will release for PS3 & Xbox 360 on May 22nd, with a PC version coming at a later date.

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