Sony Dropping Big Bucks into UK Easter Marketing for Vita

Sony is eying the upcoming Easter weekend as an opportunity to really generate excitement for their new portable the device. Serving as their second major marketing push since the Vita launched a couple months ago, this campaign will be timed to attract kids who are on school break.

According to a report from MCV, Sony isn’t being stingy either, as the company is spending £1.5m in advertising for the campaign. Alan Duncan, head of UK Marketing confirmed that the money will fund “high impact outdoor media, along with an extension to our existing digital, cinema and press activity.”

Sony has now surpassed the 1.2 million mark for Vitas sold, so it looks like their marketing tactics have been reasonably well for them so far. As such, it doesn’t look like Sony’s going to let up on their marketing of the handheld anytime soon, as Duncan went on to say:

We have an always-on approach to Vita marketing, continually evolving and updating our campaigns to match the new and compelling entertainment experiences delivered by this uniquely powerful device.

Despite fears that the market no longer could support dedicated gaming handhelds due to the soaring popularity of smartphone gaming, Sony has proven that there is at least some market for dedicated gamers.