Latest Screenshot From IO Interactive Shows Agent 47 in a Convincing Disguise

Yesterday, when Hitman Absolution developer IO Interactive released the first cover issue of “Hope News Times” they promised to release a new edition of the fictional paper each Thursday, with an accompanying screenshot every following Friday.

I don’t think you need me to remind you that today is Friday, so just go ahead and check out the brand new screenshot from IO and Square below.

I must say, Agent 47 pulls off the whole upstanding law enforcement officer look pretty well, don’t you think? If you checked out the first issue of the “Hope News Times” that went live yesterday (see it here), then the advertisement for Blake Dexter’s “Dexter Industries” in the screenshot above should have immediately caught your eye.

Could Blake be Agent 47’s next major target? He certainly does have a lot of pull in this quaint South Dakota town, serving as the community’s “local legend.”

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