“More Than 20 New Gaming Experiences” At Sony’s E3 Conference, Over 200 PlayStation Kiosks On Show Floor

It’s exactly one month to Sony’s E3, and that means it’s time to start up the hype train and get excited. To make sure you’re not too worried that Sony has announced all their games already, Sony has revealed that the show will include “more than 20 new gaming experiences.”

Over on the Sony E3 2012 site, it says (emphasis added):

Come join PlayStation as we give the largest show in entertainment a triple shot of excitement. Be one of the first to witness the launch of more than 20 new gaming experiences. Meet up with developers one-on-one. Then check out the new lineup firsthand and keep on playing as long as you can.

The “launch of” and “new” makes it sound like full on announcements, although the “more than 20” is likely a mix of known games like The Last of Us and new announcements of exclusives. Still, if Sony does have 20 games on show for the PS3 and Vita, that is a hell of a lot of games.

Luckily, it also seems like a decent number of those games will be in playable form, as Sony is planning to dominate the show floor with a whopping 200+ kiosks, with the site saying:




The site also claims that they will “announce the future of gameplay and innovation”, and that Sony “will be sharing more about the new PlayStation lineup, products, and services that will drive the upcoming year in entertainment”.

We’ll be there to find out exactly what’s announced, and keep you updated live, but what do you think Sony is set to show at the conference? Will it be full of these unannounced games, or will we finally see something about Agent and The Last Guardian? Share your predictions in the comments below.