Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Requires Massive 6.35GB Mandatory Install

May 21, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Those of you planning on playing Ubisoft’s latest Ghost Recon title better have a decent chunk of hard drive space open, as Future Soldier requires a 6.35GB mandatory install.

PlayStation 3 owners are once again getting the short end of the stick, as the Xbox 360 version has a much smaller required install. While the installation on the Xbox 360 doesn’t indicate an actual file size, it is believed to be significantly smaller and is required for audio reasons.

While this may not be a problem for a lot of you, there are plenty of gamers who are already very tight on hard drive space, and these mandatory installs are becoming more and more common, only exacerbating the issue. Not only that, but having to wait several minutes – if not longer – for the data to install upon popping the game in for the first time is equally frustrating.

Are these mandatory installs getting out of hand? Sound off with your thoughts on the issue in the comments below.