Capcom Releases Screenshots & Video of Ada Wong and Agent Hunt in Resident Evil 6, Reveals New Agent Hunt Details

Learn more about Agent Hunt mode and see it and recently confirmed playable character Ada Wong in action.

Capcom has announced more details about Resident Evil 6‘s Agent Hunt mode, a new mode for the series that allows gamers to invade select stages of the survival horror title’s main game as undead creatures.

RE6 players will need to complete the campaigns of Leon, Chris, or Jake to unlock the select Agent Hunt stages for those campaigns. Agent Hunt will be able to be turned on or off by the player with the creation of a RE6 gameplay session. A “hunter” — a player controlling a zombie, J’avo, or other C-virus mutated creature with access to their unique attacks — will be able to see who has or hasn’t enabled Agent Hunt for their game. Up to two hunters can join an Agent Hunt session. The “agent” side of an Agent Hunt session — the player whose game is being invaded by hunters — can have an A.I. partner or another human player join them in co-op mode.

If a hunter dies, they respawn in the same session as a different random enemy from the area. If a hunter eliminates an agent, they’ll be taken to a “Hunt Successful” results screen, where they can select a new session if they wish. If the agent is eliminated, their game session ends exactly as it would if they were playing a normal game with A.I.-controlled enemies. If a hunter quits a session, an agent’s game continues normally, with all enemies controlled by the A.I. once more.

Capcom also released screenshots and video of both Agent Hunt mode and Ada Wong in action, which you can see below:

Survival horror games seem to be including co-op more often, with RE6 and Dead Space 3 both including it as a feature. Do you like the inclusion of cooperative gameplay in games in the genre?