The Walking Dead Episode 3 Launches Today First on PSN

Telltale Games has just announced that The Walking Dead: Episode 3 – Long Road Ahead launches today only for PlayStation Network users. Those planning on picking up the game for Xbox 360, PC or Mac will have to wait until tomorrow to download the third chapter.

The developer confirmed the news to IGN, reaffirming that the episode (like the prior two) will cost $4.99. And of course, if you already purchased the season pass, you can just go ahead and download away.

A trailer for the game was released just yesterday, teasing all of dark and morally ambiguous content that’s in store for Lee and Clementine. If you haven’t already given the clip a look you can head over here to check out the trailer.

Long Road Ahead is only the third chapter is this five part series, so there’s still two more episodes to go. Let us know what you think of Telltale’s series thus far in the comments below.