Telltale Ups the Ante With New Trailer for Episode 3 of The Walking Dead

As Telltale’s The Walking Dead adventure series continues on into its third episode, things start to get really dark.

The latest trailer teasing the upcoming launch of Long Road Ahead perfectly encapsulates the grim and dangerous future that is in store for all of these characters.

If you haven’t already played the first two episodes of the game, I suggest you refrain from watching the video below, unless of course you want part of the experience spoiled.

Last week the developer said that gamers can expect the third episode to launch as soon as this week, so hopefully we get wind of a firm release date very, very soon.

Those of you that enjoy a good story simply can’t afford to pass up this stellar adventure series. Telltale Games is a studio that has mastered its craft, and their take on The Walking Dead is quite possibly their most impressive effort yet.