LucasArts Discusses Star Wars 1313 Development, “Daunting at First”

The decision to take the Star Wars franchise in a much darker direction wasn’t a decision that the Star Wars 1313 developers made lightly. According to LucasArts, they’ve been under loads of pressure to create a quality experience that lives up to fans’ lofty expectations.

In an interview with OXM, creative director Dominic Robilliard stressed how seriously they are taking the responsibility that comes with make a game set in the Star Wars universe, confessing that it was “daunting at first.”

We talk a lot about what a precious responsibility, that is, in terms of fan expectation.

But once you kind of get stuck into it, and you get clear all of the things you have to acknowledge and be careful with – in terms of how this integrates with the Star Wars universe, it is, again, liberating – like the kind of stuff you can play around with and do – from a thematic standpoint in terms of the characters, the story and just the gameplay mechanics that fit into that.

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