Eufloria Adventures Coming to PlayStation Mobile, And Therefore PS Vita

Eufloria was a pretty decent PSN game on PS3, but it really found a home on devices like the iPad, where the touch based controls really made sense for the game design. For Tuna’s next game, we’ll be able to get the best of both worlds – the title being on PlayStation and using touch controls – as Eufloria Adventures is set to come to PS Mobile.

Eufloria Adventures will have players controlling a single seedling ship that must deeply explore the game’s world in a search for ancient artifacts that will enhance their ship’s abilities, with a lot stronger focus on exploration and customization. Along the way, players will have to defeat enemy colonies while discovering their exact role in the story and universe.

PlayStation Mobile could mean big things for the industry, and has a bunch of developers on board ahead of its fall 2012 release including From Software. The platform will be available on PS Vita, a bunch of Sony mobiles, HTC phones, ASUS tablets and the WikiPad.