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Trailer for Final Fantasy VII Fan-Made Film Now Live

While fans may never get the long sought after Final Fantasy VII remake that was first teased many years ago, some die-hard filmmaking enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to recreate the experience with a live-action movie.

The creators have released a teaser trailer for the appropriately dubbed Final Fantasy VII: The Movie, and this fan made flick – while admittedly a bit cheesy – is surprisingly quite impressive.

Check out the trailer below, which shows the fated meeting of Cloud and Aeries.

While this will hardly fill the void in the hearts of FFVII fans waiting on hands and knees for a proper remake of the game, it’s hard not to feel a little nostalgic when seeing the iconic Midgar church.

What did you think of the clip? Would you be interested in seeing the completed movie? Sound off with your thoughts on this fan-made game to film adaptation in the comments below.