Double Fine: “There are Definitely More Psychonauts Stories to be Told”

Tim Schafer and the creative minds at Double Fine would love to work on a sequel to Psychonauts should the opportunity present itself.  The studio has made this known in the past, citing resource limitations as the main roadblock in preventing them from pursing a followup.

Speaking to VG247, Double Fine’s Greg Rice shared that the studio is well of aware of fans’ desire for a new Psychonauts, pointing out that it is something that comes up in the office quite often.

Psychonauts 2 is something that comes up a lot, and it’s something that we’d definitely be interested in doing. It’d just be a large game, and that’d mean pretty much the entire studio working on it for multiple years, so it’s just a matter of finding funding and finding out how to take it forward.

Despite the fact that the resources aren’t available right now, Schafer already has several ideas of where they could go with the sequel. “I think there are definitely more Psychonauts stories to be told and Tim has them in mind. Obviously fans like the game and we’d love to revisit the franchise too, and…we love it as well,” Rice concluded.

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