Joe Danger 2: The Movie’s Exclusive PSN Content Detailed

Earlier this week, we told you that Joe Danger 2: The Movie had gone gold and will come with 10 hours of exclusive content. Since then, we found out the game will be coming to the PSN on Tuesday, October 9th, and thanks to Sean Murray of Hello Games, we know just what that bonus content will be.

First off, Joe Danger Gaiden is described as an ‘alternate Joe Danger for a true fan’ which will house 10 hours of fun arcade gameplay that differs from the standard Joe Danger formula. Second, he listed a ton of content, which you can read below:

Replays and Youtube Support

What’s the point of being the World’s Greatest Stuntman, if you can’t show your friends? Now you can save, playback and upload to youtube your greatest stunt spectaculars.

Developer Picks

On Joe Danger 2, you can share your own levels globally online. As well as all the extra content in Joe Danger 2, we’re also getting ready some exclusive developer levels which will be ready on launch day!

Custom Soundtracks

We love the Joe Danger music, but we think we’ve heard it a few too many times now. Personally we like to listen to eighties rock, while we take over the leaderboards.

Level Editing

The Sandbox was one of our most popular features. Now that you can share your levels across the globe, we wanted to make the Level Editor even more powerful. Every Friday we’ll be picking the 5 best user levels, and highlighting them on our front page.

Unlocking Joe Danger

If you own the original Joe Danger, then you’ll unlock the original Joe and his bike for Joe Danger 2. Then you can play the entire game as him if you want!

Downloadable Tours

On PlayStation 3 we’ve created an area which allows us to release new Downloadable content straight into your game. This is where you’ll find “Joe Danger Gaiden!” We already have another pack planned in the next month…

Lots More

We’ve tried to make everything just a little bit better, from big things like how the leaderboards work, to little things like making one annoying sound a little quieter. If someone has noticed it, we’ve tried to fix it.

Hidden Stuff

We couldn’t resist putting in some surprises for people who have already played Joe Danger to death. Especially if you 100% completed the game, or think you have gotten all the Pro Medals, you might want to have a another look.

When Joe Danger 2: The Movie releases on Tuesday, it will retail for $14.99 and include over 125 levels that takes more than 50 hours to race through.