Rockstar Releases New GTA V Artwork, Teases Upcoming Announcement

A brand-new piece of artwork has just been released for Grand Theft Auto V, and along side it, Rockstar is teasing an impending announcement.

Accompanying the image pictured below is a statement which says, “Lots of info coming next month. Get ready.” It looks like Rockstar is doing their best to make sure that gamers don’t forget about the next big installment in the GTA series during the chaos of this holiday season.

We still have no idea exactly when the game will launch, but considering the company’s track record, sometime during the spring of next year is a safe bet. Perhaps we’ll find out next month?

It is also worth noting that Game Informer‘s December issue will be highlighting the game, so if you’ve been going through GTA V withdrawals over the past few weeks, you’ve only got a few more weeks of waiting ahead of you.