PlayStation All-Stars Bio: Spike

Time to stop Monkeying about, as we have a PS All-Stars Battle Royale character bio to peruse! Today the Daily Reaction crew of Seb and Dan show you how to net a win with Spike.

Name: Spike

Origin: Spike and his friends see that the professor being held hostage by a group of monkeys, and their leader Specter. As Specter orders his monkey minions to activate the professor’s time machine, Spike and the monkeys are dragged back in time. This leaves Spike to try and stop Specter and his monkeys from running rampant through time. 

Appeared in: Ape Escape, Ape Escape: Pumped and Primed, Ape Escape: Million Monkeys, Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Voiced by: Scott McGregor, Yuri Lowentha

Developed by: SCE Japan Studio

Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment

Memorable Quotes:

Let’s do it

I’m ready, Professor

Time for the big guns

A new Gadget?

I’m going for it!

Here I come!

PS3 move List:

  • Double Stun Club Combo – ,,
  • Double Stun Dash – Forward (Hold for a Longer Version)
  • Rising Double Stun Club Whirlwind – Up ,Up
  • Giant Stun Club Swing – Down
  • Aerial Double Stun Club Combo –  (Air), ,
  • Aerial Double Stun Dash – Forward  (Air, Hold for Longer Version)
  • Aerial Rising Double Stun Club – Up  (Air), Up
  • Aerial Giant Stun Club Smash – Down  (Air)

  • RC Satellite Laser – (+ Left Stick for Movement), Any Button to Fire.
  • Bananarang – Forward
  • Slingback Shooter Shot – Up (Hold for Full Charge)
  • B-Launcher – Down
  • Aerial RC Satellite Laser –  (Air) (+ Left Stick for Movement), Any Button to Fire.
  • Aerial Bananarang – Forward  (Air)
  • Aerial Slingback Shooter Shot – Up  (Air, Hold for Full Charge)
  • Aerial B-Launcher – Down (Air)

  • Super Hoola-Hoop – (Mash for Longer Dash)
  • Magic Punch – Forward (Hold for Full Charge)
  • Teleport Boots – Up (+Left or Right for direction)
  • Monkey Radar – Down (Hold for different branches)
  • Aerial Super Hoola-Hoop –  (Air) (Mash for Longer Duration)
  • Aerial Magic Punch – Forward (Air)
  • Aerial Teleport Boots – Up (Air)
  • Aerial Monkey Radar – Down (Air) (Hold for different branches)

Item Pick-up


  • Sonic Revolution Forward– Right Analog Stick Forward
  • Crash Hurricane – Right Analog Stick Up
  • Monkey Trip! – Right Analog Stick Down

Block – 

Evade – + Left Analog Stick

Super Moves

  • Level 1 – Monkey Net – 
  • Level 2 – Sword Frenzy –
  • Level 3 – Super Laser Cannon –

Spike will be playable in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on Nov. 20th for PS3 and Vita. Be sure to visit our huge cast list, and come back each day for another one, leading up to release.