Coconut Dodge HD Coming to the Vita in 2013, Includes Trophies

December 26, 2012Written by Jason Dunning

It looks like that partnership FuturLab signed with Sony to bring games exclusively to the PlayStation Vita in 2013 includes ports of their PS Minis as they have announced that Coconut Dodge HD will grace the handheld next year. This new version will join the already announced Vita port of Velocity, which we’ll hear more about next month.

The news of this HD-ified Coconut Dodge came via a Christmas tweet from @FuturLab, which you can read in its entirety below:

Special Christacean Message: Clawrence is also coming to Vita natively in 2013 with online scores, PSN Trophies and HD coconuts! #awesomes

No other information is currently available about the game, though we should be hearing more when the calendar turns over to 2013. Here’s to hoping that we see some exclusive levels and a platinum trophy.

Will Clawrence find a home on your Vita’s memory card next year? Let us know in the comments below.

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