Capcom Releases Gorgeous CG Trailer for DmC: Devil May Cry

The wonderful thing about CG trailers, or pre-rendered cutscenes, is just how spectacular they can look since they’re not limited by the hardware. Whether you approve of the new controversial DmC: Devil May Cry or not, you have to (or really should) admit that the presentation (especially in regards to the rapidly re-structuring Limbo City) is quite striking in a sick, titillatingly twisted kind of way.

Call me crazy, but what Dante said at the end sounded slightly out of character for him. It seems as if they toned down, or removed a couple choice words in order to keep him brash rather than “trying too hard to be cool” or frustratingly cocky. Of course, the fact that his one-liner is nearly identical to a previous trailer, could be sending me mixed messages.

What do you think of this new trailer? Did you enjoy it on some level, or has it gotten to the point where Dante’s sole appearance is enough to render any, and all Devil May Cry marketing moot, invalid, and downright putrid in your eyes?

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