id Software Developer Hints Next Gen Game – DOOM 4 Speculation Abounds

id Software is known for creating some of the most prolific first-person shooters of all time. The developers notable properties include: DOOM, Wolfenstein, Quake, and 2011’s divisive Rage.

We’ve known that DOOM 4 has been in development since as early as May 2008, but, details have ranged from nil to nothing since then. That silent trend may begin to change fairly soon, if you put much weight into a very vague hint id Software’s lead developer, Brian Harris, left on his Twitter for the public to view.

The lead developer behind DOOM 4, and most recently, DOOM 3: BFG Edition, Tweeted:

Currently home taking care of a new baby girl. […] When I get back, I’ll help port the big project to new platforms.

This message is incredibly open-ended (in more than one way) – for all we know Brian’s referring to “Rage: Angrier Edition” for the Wii U. But, that doesn’t mean next gen DOOM 4 speculation is unfounded. When you consider the game’s quickly approaching 5 year dev cycle, Brian previously leading DOOM 4 development, the expected arrival of the next generation of consoles this year, and DOOM 3: BFG Edition’s (possibly strategic) recent release – DOOM 4 on next generation console speculation isn’t exactly unwarranted.

What do you think? Is DOOM set to grace the PlayStation Fourbis? How much better do you expect it to look than the currently slated PlayStation 3 version? Let us hear your take on all of this in the comments.