Angelic Strippers, Road Head and Direct Threats Spice up DmC’s Intro Video

If you’ve been paying attention to the upcoming Devil May Cry title, you’ve likely formed a (quite possibly strong) opinion about it. Whether you’re a Dante detractor, or a DmC devotee, will dictate your opinion of the game’s opening video.

I’m really digging the hyper-sexualized nature of the video, but I can understand how many might write off the intro as trying too hard to be controversial. Southern blood rushing imagery aside – the story hinted at in the beginning seems really interesting, hopefully, Ninja Theory will be able to deliver on the captivating concept behind Devil May Cry‘s demented world.

What do you think of DmC‘s intro? Does the story catch your interest? Are you offended or delighted by the sexual leanings of the video? Or, are you just frustrated by the unfair ratio of scantly clad women, to men?