FuturLab Reveals Velocity Ultra for Vita, Offers a New Questionnaire to Help With a Velocity Sequel

The countdown clock on fanpoweredflight.net has ended, revealing Velocity Ultra, a PlayStation Vita version of their 2011 PS Mini, Velocity. This ‘director’s cut’ adds full trophy support, online high scores, and an overhauled visual style that will see all the art reworked in PS Vita native resolution.

Here’s a screenshot of Velocity Ultra, as well as some comparison shots between the two:

Though they weren’t able to lock down a firm release date, FuturLab is planning on submitting the game to Sony in April, with a May appearance on the PSN highly likely.

A few more pieces of information about Velocity Ultra were also revealed in the comments of their PS Blog post, which we’ve put below:

  • Using the touchscreen to teleport is something they’re looking into
  • They’ll look into either putting the original on PS Mobile or putting an original pixel art mode into Ultra
  • When asked about a PS3 version with Cross Buy and Cross Saves, they said, “We’ll see what we can do”
  • The music will be left unchanged
  • A soundtrack of all the Velocity music will be out soon
  • They “think” there will be a trial

If you were hoping that today’s announcement would actually be a Velocity 2, FuturLab does have a new questionnaire set up on their website asking you a few questions about the original. By filling it out, you’ll be entered to win a copy of Velocity Ultra, while also helping them with the Velocity sequel.