Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix Japanese Box Art is Very Stylish

Square Enix has just revealed the official Japanese box art for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix, which will be launching in the region this March.

Instead of going with some tacky collage that crams all three covers into one, Square went with a much more artistic approach that elegantly meshes the art from all three games together. Behold.

I’ve always been a fan of the box art for these games, and this cover is no exception. I really hope they don’t butcher it in an effort to make it more “appealing” to consumers in North America when the supposed localized version makes its way outside of Japan.

What do you think of the cover? How does it stack up to the art of the prior entries in the series? The box art for the original Kingdom Hearts is still my favorite.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix launches on March 14th in Japan, exclusively for the PlayStation 3.