Fuel Overdose Gets a New Patch in Europe, Coming to the North American PSN Next Month

Originally scheduled for North American release in late December/early January, Fuel Overdose still isn’t out, with the new PSN date now set for March 2013 (we’ll keep our fingers crossed).

For European PS3 owners though, you’ve been able to purchase the game for quite some time at a £9.69/€11.99 cost, and a brand new patch has been put out today, bringing along some very welcome changes:

  • A higher and more stable frame rate
  • An improved AI
  • Various bug fixes
  • Loadings reduced by 30%
  • A more stable online multiplayer mode

If you’re curious about Fuel Overdose, here’s a gameplay trailer from December:

If you’ve downloaded the patch today, feel free to let us know in the comments how much better it runs.

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