New Rock Band DLC Songs End on April 2nd, 2013, “We Don’t Have Any New Rock Band Titles in Development”

It will be one of those events you remember for awhile as April 2nd, 2013 will mark the final day that the Rock Band series is scheduled to receive any brand new DLC songs. This news ends the current consecutive streak of 275 weeks releasing new songs, with the series now at over 4,000 songs.

In the weeks leading up to April 2nd, you can expect more Rock Band Blitz tracks being made available to everyone, several Pro guitar upgrades, and a few more artists who have yet to make their Rock Band debut. Also, as a thank you to the fans, the giant song sale that includes over 1,100 tracks is going to continue and no end date was given.

On the same forum post that tells us of the DLC, Harmonix also posted a Q&A, which answers some very important questions regarding the future of Rock Band:

Is this the end of Rock Band?

This is the end of weekly Rock Band DLC. Rock Band remains an essential part of the history of Harmonix, and the franchise will always be near and dear to our hearts. We don’t have any Rock Band titles in active development at the moment, and we’ll no longer be releasing weekly DLC, but you can expect us to continue to support the existing titles and the extensive song library. We’re not breaking up the band, but we are taking a break from 5+ years of weekly performances.

Why not switch to a monthly or semi-weekly DLC schedule instead?

As we transition more and more of our resources onto new projects in development, it’s not possible at this time to maintain that kind of regularity in DLC releases. The weekly release schedule is something that we are incredibly proud of, and we’ll be wrapping up DLC with over 275 weeks of consistent releases.

Any chance we’ll see future Rock Band DLC?

While we’re no longer actively pursuing content for release, we still have the technical capability should the right band and the right opportunity arise. We don’t have anything planned for release at the moment, but it’s not something we’ve ruled out.

Will the Rock Band Network continue to release content on a regular basis?

Unfortunately, PS3 submissions for RBN tracks are submitted in the same manner as standard Harmonix-released DLC and require constant Harmonix production attention. As a result, the last PS3 RBN release planned on our schedule is on April 2nd.

What about these new IPs you’re working on? Are any of them Rock Band related/instrument based music games?

Harmonix has several new projects in the works, but unfortunately no Rock Band news at the moment. You can stay tuned to for future project announcements.

What is your favorite DLC song? Will you be buying a song thanks to the sale? Let us know in the comments below.