Evolution Studios Shows Off Drive Club for PS4

With the success that the Motorstorm series has seen on the PS3, it was unlikely that we had seen the last of the studio behind it, with that Evolution Studios has announced their newest IP, Drive Club.

As many fans have been waiting for the next installment from this developer, luckily the wait is coming closer to an end, and especially with the job listing found a while back, it seems it has already had some development time. Evolution Studios announced Drive Club, a racer that is set to reward players for playing in squads, as opposed to simply competing for first place like a normal racer. Using real life exotic cars, Drive Club emulates cars to an extreme level, which should leave fans in awe. Taking players outside of simply sitting in a cockpit view, Evolution Studios tried to emulate what it really means to sit in some of the world most powerful cars. For a glimpse of what is to come, check out this footage from the show:

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