Armored Core: Verdict Day Mechanizes to PlayStation 3 This Summer in North America and Europe

The newest entry in the series, Armored Core: Verdict Day, has now been confirmed for release in North America this summer, with EMEA and Australasia getting it in autumn.

Developed by FromSoftware, Verdict Day places you into a war-ravaged future (is there any other kind?) where resources are low. You’ll be able to form squads of up to 20 members and enlist in a faction to take territory away from other players thanks to the persistent multiplayer mode. If you’d prefer to play solo though, you can recruit AI mechs and play through the co-op and multiplayer modes that way.

Making a reappearance in Armored Core: Verdict Day is Operator Mode, complete with new upgrades that allow you to command mechs in a top-down perspective. You can then set rally points, mark targets, and get real-time cockpit views from other players.

One nice bonus with Armored Core: Verdict Day is that anyone who bought Armored Core V can bring over their saved data to “experience brand new content with their customized Armored Core from the previous title.” You can then customize your mechs with guns, armor pieces, shields, and boosters.

Carlson Choi, Vice President of Marketing at Namco Bandai, briefly talked about Verdict Day:

The Armored Core series has continually found itself a deep and dedicated fanbase. Armored Core: Verdict Day expands the level of immersion with more advanced customization fine tuning and streamlined multiplayer modes.

Expect more information about the game to be revealed in the coming months.

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