Ask PSLS: What is Your Most Hated PS3 Game?

The PlayStation 3 pretty much took a backseat last week due to the PlayStation 4 unveiling, so we wanted to make this Ask PSLS all about the PlayStation console we can actually see. Rather than doing our favorite game though, we decided to go in the complete opposite direction and ask everyone: “What is Your Most Hated PS3 Game?”

Anthony Severino – Auditioned for Boston Shore (@Sev_Anthony)

My most hated PS3 game is Cash, Guns, Chaos. Easily. That game is horrible and wants you to hate it. As a PS3 launch owner, I wanted content. More than what was available, so I bought that piece of shit only to want to cut my hands off for doing so. It’s awful. Luckily, it’s so buried that unless you were a launch owner, you probably never even heard of it.

Cameron Teague – PR Manager/Reviews Coordinator (@Cameron_PSLS)

For me my most hated PS3 game is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1. I know that the Harry Potter games have never been very good, but the ones before the Deathly Hallows were actually decent in my book and provided some solid fun. Deathly Hallows decided however to ruin all that and turn the franchise into a crappy FPS with horrible controls, stupid visuals, and a downright pathetic experience. Coming a close 2nd was Afrika, but let’s not open up that can of worms again.

Chandler Wood – Escaped Mormonism to Work Here (@FinchStrife)

Most hated game is a loaded question, as I have had many that I have despised for various reasons, but I don’t think I can call out that one ‘most hated’ game. I hate games that require unnecessary grinding or rely on complete luck rather than skill. Grand Theft Auto IV’s multiplayer trophies and finishing the platinum on Final Fantasy XIII are a couple of examples of over-grinding. I also hate games that start out appearing to be fun, but end up as a huge waste of time and not as fun as outside appearance (ie. any Move specific game). For the most part I’m pretty open to games, even if they are terrible. I just hate being disappointed by something I thought would be better.

Dan Oravasaari – Full of Expectation (@FoolsJoker)

Well this might come as a surprise, but I really do not hate many games, even if it is terrible and I am stuck reviewing it. Bad games are that way because they were not realized fully, or they faced problems well beyond their own scope, so I do not hate them. I hate the games that should have known better, and had all the means in the world to be better – the best example of this is Final Fantasy XIII. Between its convoluted combat, linear gameplay and the obvious big budget, the title seemed to fail at being anything that it set out to be, as it is not a great RPG, nor did it usher in a new way to do action in an RPG.

Louis Edwards – Writer (@ftwrthtx)

There were several downloadable games early on in the life of the PS3 that disappointed not only me, but other family members as well. The SixAxis motion controller was an awesome controller in theory, but developers had a hard time executing its use. One only had to try Go Sports! Ski or Go Sports! Skydiving to witness this failure. Both games were equally disappointing, so I’ll have to say that we have a tie for this category.

Jason Dunning – Enjoys Maple Syrup Too Much (@Jasonad21)

This is a tough one for me as there have been many bad games I’ve played, but I’d usually quit out of them before long. So I’m going to go with a game I’ve actually beaten and choose X-Men Destiny. Don’t ask my why or how I managed to get all the way through to the end, just know that it is a game with PS2 graphics, terrible combat, dumb story, and is a huge negative in an X-Men video game series that has recently seen enjoyable titles like the X-Men Legends games and X-Men Origins: Wolverine (I liked it at least).

NeverDead is a close second.

Sebastian Moss – Secretly wishes to be Dan (@SebMoss)

My most hated game has to be Journey because I want you, the reader, to be currently spitting their coffee all over the screen 😀

Seriously, though, it has to be Lair – a great game ruined by Sony’s need to prove that SixAxis was useful. Sure, it got patched in the end, but it killed the developer, killed the hype and, for me, killed the game. At least it serves as a stark warning to platform holders as we move into the next gen with all its new fancy control schemes.

Vivas Kaul – Writer (@VivasKaul)

I think the most hated PS3 game I’ve ever played was Smash ‘N’ Survive. Technically, it’s a PSN game, but I haven’t really regretted an on-disc purchase. It was one of the first games I reviewed for PSLS and to this day is the game that I use as the baseline for every other game since. Ugh! I hate it hate it hate it….hateithateithateit!

What is your most hated PS3 game? Let us know in the comments below.