Daily Reaction: The 40 Hottest Men in Games

March 22, 2013Written by Sebastian Moss

14: Stig Asmussen

He’s like a nerdy Kratos. May also be The Stig.

13: Randy Pitchford

Take it from me, he is always Randy. Some of what he does for you is Borderline amazing, but occasionally he does something alien, and you feel let down.

12: Hideo Kojima

Kojima is best known for creating pictures of food.

11: Joakim Mogren

A man of mystery, Joakim is one foxy gentleman with a mustache to die for. Loves to tease stuff, but might not have the metal to gear up for something solid.

10: Kazunori Yamauchi’s translator

If you like someone who just doesn’t care, Mr. Translator will be just who you are after. Favorite word is “whatever”.

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